Zilch Weigh House

Sustainable Living

Zilch Weigh House is a sustainable living store and coffee bar in Harton Village, South Shields. We offer groceries and household products without the need for single use plastics

We’re a family business born out of a realisation that as a growing family of 4 (soon to be 5) our blue bin was filling up as quickly as it was emptied and that our everyday choices were having such a damaging effect on our planet.

Spending more time at home together through 2020 meant we were generating more plastic waste than ever before, and we didn’t want our children growing up thinking it was normal.

Thankfully 2020 provided us with more time to think about how we wanted to make changes to our consumer habits. We started off making more conscious decisions about our everyday purchases and having conversations with our children about why reducing our use of single use plastic was so important. It wasn’t long until we soon realised that locally we didn’t have many options for shopping in a sustainable way. This is where Zilch was born, two parents wanting to lead by example for our young children, so that they can see there are alternatives to generating so much waste.