We are a small, family run farm situated in County Durham, producing free range pork and grass-fed beef using regenerative agriculture. We heal the land we farm whilst supplying healthy and delicious meat for you. Since 2013 we have been selling at local farmers’ markets, and now you will be able to buy our homegrown produce direct from us.  All the pork that we produce comes from our own herd of outdoor reared, free-range, native breed pigs. They are all personally raised by the Wreford’s Farm team, to ensure that our ethical practices are kept from farm to fork. All the feed given to the pigs is grown right here on our 100-acre farm. This ensures that there are no chemicals, no GMOs and no antibiotics going into their diet, allowing the pigs to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy, happy pork for you.  All of our beef is grass fed on rich herbal pastures with legumes and wildflowers. We grow Aberdeen Angus and Whitebred Shorthorn cattle. They are slow grown for flavour, with a sprinkle of rain and sunshine: nothing added. We rotate our cattle on a daily basis, which gives them a fresh bite to eat every day. This enhances their diet and in turn the quality of the beef. Using these practices also heals the land. We move the cattle from paddock to paddock, allowing the grasses to regrow, which in turn means the microbiology in the soil can flourish. As this process continues, it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Not only do the animals live a healthy lifestyle at Wreford’s Farm, but we are also working to heal the atmosphere through our regenerative practices.

From their website, July 2020