Northern Fruit Group

The NFG promotes fruit growing in the North of England. Membership benefits include free grafting and pruning workshops, graft wood exchange, talks and seminars and advice on fruit growing and identification.

The group was formed in November 1995 by a group of like-minded people with a passion for fruit growing.  Our membership has since grown to over 400 in number with a wide range of expertise from novice to professional  growers.  Geographically the group covers a large area, along with our members in Yorkshire, our membership spreads as far as Scotland, west Wales, northern France and the Netherlands!

The aims of the group are:

  • to promote knowledge of growing fruit of all varieties, particularly those suitable for growing in the north of England
  • to raise awareness of fruit growing through exhibition of fruits at shows and other meetings open to the public
  • to register old fruit varieties and orchards of the North and advise on orchard care and maintenance
  • to take part in research projects concerning the growing of fruit

From their website, October 2020