Lionmouth Plant Nursery

All the plants that we have on our nursery beds have been sown, grown, split, grafted, propagated or taken as cuttings by either our highly qualified horticultural staff or our day care service users and volunteers. We do not use any chemicals on site, just a lot of love, care and attention.

We specialize in perennials, herbs and shrubs; basically all those plants that you can pop in your garden and let them do their own thing , and they come back year after year. We try and grow those that are just a bit different to your everyday blossom (although we do grow those as well).

Seasonally, at the turn of the year our nursery benches groan under the weight of bulbs such as snowdrops, daffodils, alliums and crocuses. From spring onward we will have a range of vegetable seedlings for sale, as well as one or two of the better annuals (companion plants in particular). Later in the year we have the cyclamens and hyacinths on show.