Birkhead Wilds CIC

We believe that getting outdoors is important to every aspect of our health and wellbeing, and crucial to our understanding of the world around us. We want to help local young people (and their families) to discover, explore and enjoy the outdoors and share our passion with them.

Birkheads Wild grew from our passion for the outdoors into a place for free range humans.

We LOVE: wild camping, getting grubby, growing naturally, smelling of woodsmoke, “leaving no trace”, looking after wildlife, simple fun, learning about nature, home made stuff, going wild, being off-grid and generally playing out.

Secluded and surrounded by trees, our site is off-grid, car free, with a gorgeous composting toilet and parachute covered group camp fire area.

We have developed the site in an environmentally friendly way, and aim to leave no trace at every camp. We re-use and recycle almost everything on site and we buy local wherever possible.