Verde Flower Co

Sustainably grown seasonal flowers from a Victorian walled garden


The Verde Flower Co developed from a knowledge that beautiful, scented and elegant flowers don’t need to be flown across the planet, but can be grown here, in Northern England, without the use of damaging chemicals and excess packaging. It’s simple. You just have to know how.

Natural flowers are grown naturally, right? Wrong. Almost 90% of the UK’s £3 billion flower industry is imported, grown using precious resources such as water & electricity, drenched in chemicals for ease of long-distant transport & often heavily packaged in plastic which is immediately thrown away. And how often have you bent down to smell a bunch of imported flowers, breathed deeply expecting that unforgettable fragrance, only to be disappointed?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Verde, we grow over 200 different varieties of scented flowers, foliage and herbs nurtured naturally & yes, that sometimes means a bug in your bunch but the way we grow helps sustain our bees, butterflies and birds. So you can have flowers that make your heart sing, but not at the cost of the planet.