A Category tells everyone what type of organisation your listing is for, and is the main way people find it on the site.

Some have a parent/child relationship, which means your listing will show in search results for a parent by being in a child category.

e.g. “Cheese Maker” will show in a search for “Local Food Producer” or for “Local Food” 

You’re also free to select as many relevant categories as you like.

e.g. A “Cycling” group might want to be in “Community Group”, “Campaign” and “Skills & Education”

You can see the full list on the Browse By Category page

Features are used to tell people the type of things your organisation does. 

When a search is made by Category, a list of check boxes show at the top of the results. Checking a box will reduce the results to ones with that feature.

When you edit your listing, you will need to pick a Category before you see the features you can choose from. 

Screen shot of search results


You don’t need to include a phone number. If you do choose to include one it will show on the details page, so only include a number you’re happy taking calls from the public on.    

Although both help people know where you are, they’re used in different ways by the web site.

If the Where field is used in a search, Location will be used to find your listing. You can select as many Locations as you wish so feel free to pick whichever you think will help people find you. For some organisations it’s better to show the area you operate rather than a base.

As well as showing in the detail page your listing’s Address is used to place your “Pin” on the map. If you only want give a a general location you can limit the address to a street, village town. 

If you don’t want to use a postal address you can choose Manual Coordinates and give the longitude and latitude of where you’d like your pin.

You need to give either an address or coordinates for your listing to show on the results map, and for a map to show on the detail page. It will still show in the list of search results.


The description is the main part of the listing for you to tell everyone about your organisation. 

Overall this should tell people:

  • WHO you are
  • WHAT you do
  • WHERE you are
  • HOW people can help

You can use the tagline to give a little more information about you organisation, that’s not covered by the main title. This might be a slogan or simply a list of products. 

It shows below the title on the search results. e.g “Providing a space to grow” 

Screen shot of search results