Do I need a login ?

You are free to use the website without the need for a login. You only need to create an account if your business or organisation wishes to be added.

Two Steps

There are two steps to adding your listing on the Green Durham website. The first is to tell us a little about your business or organisation on the form below.

Once your account has been approved, the second step is for you to login and create your listings. You’ll be able to add much more detail at this stage.


To have a listing included, on the Green Durham site, your organisation or business should fit our location, ownership and ethical criteria.

We make exceptions for the exceptional so if you’re strong in one area and weak in another please let us know.


The aim of the site is to show listings of interest to the people of County Durham. Ideally organisations should be based within, or close to, the county.

We also list organisations, based in the North East region, when they’re doing something rare, or providing a service which isn’t available, around Durham.


We also aim to improve local resilience and support the local economy. Listed businesses should be owned by people who live within the region. groups should predominantly be ran by members of the local community. Groups can be linked to a national organisation but should manage their finances locally.


Listed organisations should share our concerns about the impact human activity is having on the environment and ecosystems. How climate change is and will continue to affect our lives and our concerns about the ability of our communities to cope with these challenges.

Account Application

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