First of all thanks for agreeing to write a blog post for Green Durham . We really appreciate your contribution to the website.

The following tips,tricks & FAQs aim to help you add and edit your article but feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

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If your account has been setup as an “Author” you should see a few extra menu options. The [User] > [My Posts] option will take you the the admin area of the website where you can add new posts and edit any existing ones.

The website uses a block editor, to create a post, where each paragraph, heading, image etc is threaded as a block with it’s own settings. Each can then be moved, edited or deleted individually. (See video tutorial for more info).

Text blocks are added automatically as you type, or as you copy text from another applications. The + icon can be used to add other types of blocks. The right side of the screen should show settings for the Block you’re working on and setting for the Post.

Some of the Post settings need to be set for it to show correctly on the site:


The category of a post affects where it will show on the site. The Blog area shows posts with an Article, News or Event category. Where posts set to National, Resources or Campaign show in the Resources area.


Tags are a quick way for people to find similar posts on the site. You’re free to tag your post any way you like but it’s better to link it to tags that already exist.

Feature Image

This image is shown when ever your post appears in a list, like the main Blogs page. You can upload an image or pick one that’s already been added.

The image is cropped down to fit 400px x 375px which is a file size of less than 100k. The website can resize the image but It’s best to upload an one that’s less than 1Mb

Excerpt (optional)

By default the first few lines of a post are shown as an introduction, when it appears in a list. This would be replaced by anything entered in the excerpt field. This is useful when the opening lines don’t work as a useful intro.

Add Banner

This field shows at the bottom of the post edit view rather then the side menu.

The banner image shows full width of the screen at the top of your post.

Here’s a tutorial for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor we use for blog posts. It’s only about 20 minutes and is worth watching if you’ve not created a blog post before.

How to Easily Work With the Block Editor